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Recruitment Infographic

18th March 2016 No Comments
Topics:Blog, General

The second item in our infographic series focuses on patient recruitment and retention – both very important aspects to get right in a clinical trial. How do you make clinical trials more attractive to patients and how do you keep study participants engaged? We have done quite a bit of groundbreaking work in these areas and are very happy to…

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Diabetes infographics

Kai Langel 11th December 2015 No Comments
Topics:Blog, General

I have been working in the field of Diabetes for a long time in my career and was never really fully satisfied with the solutions available. This all changed a couple of years ago when we had the idea of combining a cloud-based diabetes solution with Clinpal. We put this concept into practice with our technology partner Mendor and then…

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Electronic informed consent in practice: 
The Verkko trial and how eICF contributed to its success

Kai Langel 27th July 2015 No Comments

Electronic informed consent (eICF) for clinical trials can no longer be considered merely “interesting but unproven”. The Verkko and Pfizer remote trials and their extremely interesting and promising results are changing that perception. Miguel Orri, who led the Pfizer REMOTE study and wrote an authoritative whitepaper on eICF, worked closely with the team at Clinpal on electronic informed consent –…

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Six reasons why Clinpal is the perfect server for Apple ResearchKit

When Apple released ResearchKit, an open source software framework making it easier to create apps for medical studies, comments ranged from “Not for serious research’ to ‘This is going to change clinical trials forever?” We had two reactions: 1) It will likely be good for research and medicine. 2) Rather than competing with Clinpal, it will probably help drive more interest in…

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