Clinpal LightSpeed is a quick and easy data collection platform and implementation methodology suitable for post-marketing surveys, real world data collection, trial optimization, survey instrument validation, direct-to-patient medical apps, and many other use cases. Clinpal’s LightSpeed rapid development, testing, and deployment process allow you to get quickly to First-Patient-In.

Patients enter the study with an informative dashboard always in view, to guide them through the study. They are supported by an array of engagement options to confer a sense of involvement, contribution, and benefit from participation – all with a view to reducing their burden, maintaining communication, and encouraging commitment and retention. Site and sponsor staff benefit from their own role-based dashboards.

Whats included? An example of a LightSpeed setup may include email invitations to prospective study participants, a study home page, online pre-screener, eConsent, eLearning, randomization, simple 5-10 page eCRFs for site-based entry, 2-3 patient questionnaires, daily patient reminders for up to 200 patients, simple workflow, data export for analysis, archiving, and study access via browser or mobile app.

Setup: Clinpal’s experienced project managers will walk your team through the startup and launch process in as little as 8 weeks.

Sponsor Input: The sponsor should have a list of possible patients for recruitment or arrange for a recruitment campaign. Clinpal can help with this activity. The sponsor will be responsible for IRB/EC submissions if required. The sponsor will need to have the appropriate media content for the patient-facing materials. Clinpal will embed this content in the platform. The sponsor should select the appropriate data collection instrument(s) and acquired the appropriate licensing, where applicable.

Included Services: Clinpal’s cloud-based direct-to-patient solution includes global 24×7 availability, easy scalability, security, backup, individual user rights and permission management, Helpdesk services, and real time availability of data.

Optional Services:  Clinpal can provide optional media services through our partner company experienced in marketing and patient recruitment.   Also, Clinpal has experience using EHR/RWD data as the source of site selection and patient invitations.

Optional Components: The Clinpal LightSpeed solution can include using a re-imbursement or reward system for patients, integration of external data, data cleaning or medical coding, rich media such as eLearning videos, and language translation.

Timeline: Leveraging existing Clinpal templates for forms and workflow, the LightSpeed study solution can be ready in as little as 8 weeks.

Cost:   LightSpeed is available for thousands less than traditional EDC or ePRO solutions.  A typical implementation cost is under $100,000 for setup and 12 month licensing.

To save additional cost, Clinpal can provide training on our Integrated Build Environment so you can build the study yourself.

Experience:  Clinpal has performed its accelerated methodology with customers in pharma, biotech, medical device, and digital therapeutic applications.

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