ClinpalTM – the end-to-end, modular, cloud and mobile platform supporting Direct-to-Patient and Virtual Clinical Trials

Clinpal Presence

Clinpal Presence is the ideal mechanism for establishing an intelligent online presence for your clinical trial. This is the first step in online engagement with your patients and trial sites, and makes sure your trial not only gets noticed, but also stands out. Presence provides a cohesive entry-point for a multi-channel patient recruitment campaign that can feature both traditional media and digital outreach. The adaptive splash page can easily be adapted to provide study specific messaging and visuals. Clinpal Presence includes standard features like internationalization support, IP country origin and browser setting detection, and site mapping and location. Clinpal Presence has been used in 42 countries and 35 languages. It complies with all patient privacy requirements and is especially well-suited for direct-to-patient remote clinical trials in both pre- and post-marketing applications.


Outreach campaigns are automatically tracked by the system – real-time metrics help get the best return of media investment and fine-tuning campaigns to deliver the results you need.


Clinpal presence supports custom designs and doesn’t put restrictions on creativity. Presence enhances these designs with intelligent widgets that connect the sites with the study database, enabling features like location-based trial site finder.


Clinpal presence offers many advanced features like geolocation, custom URLs, local language support, access restrictions from countries not yet approved for your trial, etc.

Clinpal Recruit

Clinpal recruit adds online screeners, enrollment workflow and automated patient referral tracking. These are features that improve the efficiency of online recruitment, making sure the maximum number of interested participants are converted into enrolled patients.


Custom online screeners – with rich controls for business logic, enabling the configuration of secure, patient-friendly pre-screening questionnaires.


Custom workflow configurations can be used by CROs, patient recruitment service providers or call centers to support different scenarios including sponsor-to-site outreach and Dr-to-Dr referrals.


Clinpal provides real-time metrics throughout the patient’s trial lifecycle. The system automatically tracks the quality of traffic sources and helps optimize recruitment campaigns.

Clinpal Educate

Clinpal Educate is a powerful tool for providing sites with an eLearning tool, document libraries and a site portal. The eLearning mechanism can be used to either completely replace face-to-face training in investigator meetings, or to enhance the training by providing tools for completing self-paced training remotely enabling the in-person training sessions to be shorter and more focused on engaging discussion rather than one-directional training. eLearning also allows new sites and staff to be on-boarded into the trial very efficiently. Educate for patients allows the patient information sheet and other study materials to be presented in rich media format with centralized content management and document status tracking.


All content can be centrally managed, making sure all stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date materials, including eLearning modules, study protocol, patient information materials and more.


Patients are provided with electronic materials to support the Informed Consent Process. Rich media content helps deliver complex trial information in a patient-friendly format. Our experienced team will help implement the most appropriate eICF solution for each study.


The Educate module includes a site portal, including a document library and site dashboard. Clinpal is the one-stop-shop for study sites to access all study documents, eLearning and support in a single location.

Clinpal Engage

Clinpal Engage is a truly innovative solution for supporting and engaging patients during a clinical trial. The Engage module provides the patients with a secure portal that they can use to engage with the trial and to access all necessary materials remotely. Providing patients with a modern, on-demand channel with rich communications mechanism improves patient retention and makes working with the sites more efficient for all stakeholders.


Patients are provided with a custom visual visit-by-visit guide, which guarantees a good understanding of the procedures throughout the trial.


Clinpal Engage provides an efficient mechanism for engaging and supporting patients during the study. Patients can communicate directly with the site or a patient-facing call center to ensure a timely response.


Patients get step-by-step instructions on their dashboard, all controlled by Clinpal’s workflow engine. Patients get reminders from the system and they simply need to log in and the system will guide them through their tasks.

Clinpal Capture

Clinpal Capture provides state-of-the-art data capture tools for site-based data capture (eCRFs) as well as direct eSource data capture either from biometers, or from patient diaries and questionnaires. The Capture solution is designed to be very site and patient-friendly and is a perfect match especially for late-phase trials that need an easy-to-use, scalable and efficient solution.


Clinpal Capture is a site-friendly and powerful eCRF system. The system can be localized to the user’s local language, includes an on-line help assistant that guides the users through data entry and is so intuitive to use that users can start right after they pass their eLearning course.


Clinpal can capture data from compatible biometric devices. For example, the system is integrated with a wireless (3G) glucose meter that can capture blood glucose readings from patients in near real-time and can combine this data with patient-reported data.


Patients can use their own devices to make direct eSource data entries. The system provides a responsive user interface that adapts the user experience for each device. Validated instruments are also supported.