eClinicalHealth is not just a consulting company. We are a small team of leading minds in eClinical and are looking beyond simply solving problems for individual clients. We are passionate about improving efficiency in clinical trials and bringing sense to eClinical systems and patient data capture. Instead of looking at various patient data capture systems as separate, we want to integrate the data streams, create processes that really add value and apply best practices across the whole patient data capture process. Adopting new technologies and processes in the complex environment of clinical trials is not easy and change management is one of the keys to success.

Our approach is always a practical one and specific to each customer. We only ‘sell’ one service: evaluation of your current eClinical environment, after which we can create a concrete proposal with well-defined deliverables that support your specific business case. Whether you are just evaluating technologies or companies or already further along with your eClinical adoption, we are certain that we can add significant value and make sure you’re getting most out of your eClinical investmnet.