Clinpal Rx-to-OTC Solution

The Clinpal Rx-to-OTC solution provides a modern cloud-based direct-to-patient platform that is ideal for OTC studies.

Why Clinpal?

Because Clinpal’s Rx-to-OTC solution is a trial subject’s best friend. Clinpal brings the study to the subject so he or she can interact with content like label uses, directions, and/or warnings in an online, self-service, controlled, HIPAA-compliant application.

Instead of mall intercepts, you can leverage the power of digital recruitment to find and screen subjects.

Mobile App
App Screen

Subjects can do surveys, self-diagnosis, and self-treatment in their own homes on their own devices. Clinpal can send helpful reminders about procedures, dosing times, or visit schedules. Clinpal provides a dashboard for subjects to keep informed about study activities.

Unique Features

Clinpal’s unique features include:

  • Simple online self-service process to securely screen and enroll
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  • Intelligent workflow to guide the subject through the questionnaires.
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  • Automation of manual site tasks including study invitations, screening, consenting, and visit reminders.
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  • Single system functionality – one setup for multiple devices.


The Clinpal Rx-to-OTC solution provides streamlined functionality with its modular structure and ability to provide several functionalities within the same platform. Sponsors can pick and choose the functionality they need for a particular type of study.

The Clinpal solution saves significant time and expense compared to traditional methods.


Whether Clinpal is used as a single Clinpal package or together with the other Clinpal modules, the combination of integrated forms, messaging, and workflow create a rich, easy-to-use environment that supports all stakeholders through the entire lifecycle of a study.

The ability to use different devices ensures the platform is able to suit different operating modes, especially for patients who expect BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) flexibility. The configurable workflow and task management provide automated protocol-derived guidance to each user on the activities due to be performed.

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