Clinpal is a study team’s best friend because it’s a patient’s best friend.

  •    Makes your studies easier, cheaper, and faster!
  •    Gives patients and researchers a direct-to-patient platform to connect, communicate, and conduct studies
  •    Choose only the modules you need like recruiting, screening, eLearning, eConsent, or eSource; only pay for what you use
  •    Cloud-based 24×7 availability, global scalability
  •    Web browser and mobile app with one configuration

Why Clinpal?

Clinpal’s direct-to-patient model is changing the face of research. Its platform provides unparalleled interactivity and simplicity of use for patients, improving engagement and compliance. Clinpal is the “go-to” resource for more streamlined studies and reduced site and CRO costs. Economical, easy-to-use, and efficient – Clinpal is the single platform system you can depend on for success.

Clinpal Transforms

Clinpal’s innovative technology provides patients and researchers new tools to connect, communicate, automate, and conduct studies easier, faster and more efficiently.

Clinpal Connects

Clinpal broadens and deepens the potential patient pool with large-scale connectivity, interactivity, and direct-to-patient marketing and messaging.

Clinpal Supports

The Clinpal team provides hands-on support from start to finish. Our highly experienced project managers and technology experts make implementing Clinpal a seamless process.

Key Clinpal Benefits

  • Patient interactivity – Connect directly to study patients
  • Patient simplicity – Provide directed guidance, reduce visits, increase engagement, build loyalty
  • Site simplicity – Automate communications, reduce workload, guide activities
  • Improve recruitment – Leverage wide scale digital recruitment and tracking
  • Improve retention – Engage with patients, give them an identity and feedback process
  • Better compliance – Remote/virtual approach makes study access easier for patients to participate
  • Increase study efficiency – Intelligent workflow automates communication, education, and tracking of trial activities, events, and documentation; intelligent/dynamic data capture eliminates unnecessary data and activities, reducing queries, SDV, and monitoring time
  • Improved workflow – Intelligently guided process control
  • Reduce Site and CRO costs – Platform reduces costly, unnecessary visits or activities
  • Economical, easy-to-use – Clinpal’s single platform simplifies patient recruitment and engagement – eliminating integration/interfacing complexities and reducing costs. Configurable, re-usable platform components like forms and workflow templates reduce setup time and cost
  • Better site management – Guiding and tracking tasks from initial outreach to trial close improves patient retention
  • Superior analytics – Everyone using single platform means accurate information in real-time
  • More efficient data capture – Dynamic forms only show and capture relevant data, and reduce DM effort for cleaning and review
  • Exceptional service – eCH provides an experienced team and hands-on support for successful studies
  • Experience – 4 years of successfully implementing direct-to-patient trials

The Latest News from Clinpal

eConsent as part of a patient journey

eConsent compared Achieving effective confirmation from the participant of their understanding and acceptance for their participation in a clinical trial is fundamentally critical in all regards. It is good for the patient, good for the research and good for the sponsor. It is also a legal requirement in most countries. A poorly informed participant may be a reluctant, poorly engaged ...

Finnish Student Health System, Meru Health, and eClinicalHealth partner to study a digital therapeutic intervention for depression

HELSINKI, Finland, 18 April 2018 – Finnish Student Health System (FSHS), Meru Health, and eClinicalHealth have partnered to study the efficacy and feasibility of a digital therapeutic intervention for depression in a randomized-controlled clinical trial. Participants are students at the Finnish Student Health System clinics who suffer from depression, a common mental disorder increasing in frequency among the student population. A total ...

Where do your patients sit on the engagement scale?

Sponsors have traditionally been hands-off when it comes to the relationship a patient may have with clinical research. They might provide materials to the site that in turn are passed onto the patient. They are required of course to provide a consent form. However, do they actually support the 'engagement'? Interventional clinical trials, by their definition, intervene with a patient’s ...