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Electronic Informed Consent with videolet content, built into Clinpal can better inform and engage patients considering participating in a clinical trial

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Clinical Trial Patient Engagement from Recruitment to submission

Single platform for your clinical trial engagement needs

Clinpal is a comprehensive and modular platform that accelerates the execution of clinical trials. Supporting all stakeholders in the trial from site start-up, recruitment through the trial conduct, Clinpal transforms the way clinical research is carried out.

Sponsors have operational metrics at their fingertips with powerful workflow and messaging tools to run the entire trial in real-time. Patients are provided with a secure, personalized study webpage providing information, as well as the means to capture data in real time. Engagement is achieved from an initial point of identification through to the end of even multi year trials.

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Clinical trials are controlled research studies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of medications. There are tens of thousands of studies run concurrently all round the world.

Trials needs patients and volunteers to participate. Participating in clinical trial can help make critical new treatments available to patients that need them. In some cases, participating in a clinical trial is the only way to gain early access to new promising treatment options not yet available on the market.

Clinical trials simplified

Clinpal is a single platform that consolidates much of the functionality needed to run a trial. Instead of having to work with a confusing number of different disconnected systems, Clinpal provides a single system to recruit and manage patients while integrating advanced capabilities to acquire data. Participating in a clinical trial as as site has never been more straight forward or efficient.

Site start-up hub

Online site qualification surveys, eLearning, simple document management and built-in workflow support makes Clinpal the ideal tool for efficient site start-up. Clinpal not only helps sponsors start sites more efficiently, but also makes trials more attractive to study sites.

Online trial presence

Online patient recruitment is both cost and time efficient. Clinpal offers the ideal mechanism to convert online campaigns into enrolled patients with real-time metrics to help manage and adjust campaigns to ensure recruitment goals are met. Traditional media campaigns and direct site referrals are also supported.

Online pre-screening

Maximize the efficiency of the recruitment funnel with patient-friendly patient engagement tools and online screener that is much more convenient than a traditional call center. Sites can review and accept qualified patient applications in real-time.

Patient engagement

Patient engagement is critical throughout the lifecycle of the study. Clinpal helps make sure patients stay engaged with the trial from first contact through the recruitment process and the conduct of the study. Secure site-patient communication, patient dashboard and reminders help keep patients engaged and compliant.

Tasks / messaging

Clinpal has a powerful messaging and workflow engine that helps all stakeholders in the trial keep track of their messages and tasks in real-time. This helps make the study conduct more efficient for sites and patients and improves speed and quality of the results.


Trial procedures can be complex for patients and sites. Scheduling tools in Clinpal help keep track of all activities through the study and improve patient compliance with study visits, medication regime and other procedures.

Get involved

Tens of thousands of clinical trials are ongoing in the world at any given time targeting various conditions. Clinpal helps patients find suitable trials with study sites that are located close to them. Patients can conveniently join trials online through Clinpal.   


Clinical trials must maintain regulatory compliance. Each trial has it’s own unique study protocol that details the procedures used in the research. Clinpal helps deliver study information in a patient-friendly, rich media format combining gamification, audio, video, text and graphics as each protocol demands.

Reduced patient burden

Clinpal helps minimise time and effort for patients to participate in trials by enabling remote interactions between the sites and the patient. Data can be captured remotely and patients have access to all required materials and study instructions online. 

Stay connected

Patients securely communicate with the study site remotely and receive instructions and reminders when needed. Patients do not need to visit the site or wait on the phone just to ask a question from the clinic - where configured appropriately - this can be done online. 


Participating in a trial can mean that patients need to remember a number of things, such as when and how to take medications, what data to report and how to prepare for clinic visits. Patients can log into Clinpal and access guidance and instructions as well as receive reminders about important study events.


The system will automatically track and remind patients of tasks and clinic visits. Study information is always available to instruct each patient regarding scheduled activities.

Study start-up

Clinpal helps sites get involved in a trial. Sites no longer need to scan, fax and email documents to the sponsor. All of the information and documents are in one place. Staff can learn about the study and complete all required training online, at their convenience.

Boost patient recruitment

Clinpal supports the pre-qualification of patients through online outreach campaigns without sites needing to do more than review their details online and accept them for the screening visit.

Efficient patient enrolment

In addition to helping find the right patients, Clinpal helps make the enrolment process more efficient for sites and patients. Patients can learn more about the study remotely and have all training materials available to them in electronic format. This means sites need to spend less time doing training and administrative work and can focus on tasks that matter the most.

Patient management

Keeping patients engaged is important, but time consuming for the sites. Clinpal takes some of that burden by automating patient tracking and reminders. Sites have real-time visibility to patient status and will be notified of any compliance or retention issues.

Tasks / messaging

Clinpal has a powerful messaging and workflow engine that helps all stakeholders in the trial keep track of their messages and tasks in real-time. Sites can communicate with patients in a secure environment and even send specific tasks to patients.


Trial procedures can be complex for patients and sites. Scheduling tools in Clinpal help keep track of all activities through the study and improve compliance and guide sites and patients through the steps required by the protocol.

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